While the route is being turned to Turkey in exhibitions, ATRAX-VENDEX is preparing for an ambitious exhibition

Turkey’s prominence in the search for alternative new supply chains has also accelerated the exhibition organization sector. Exhibitions for export-oriented sectors in Istanbul receive more visitors than ever before. Especially, the number of foreign visitors to Istanbul exhibitions increased at a record level. It is seen that visitors from South America, Asia Pacific and African countries as […]



VENDEX TURKİYE 2023 Dates Updated  The new date is January 12-14…!

VENDEX TURKİYE  3rd Vending Machines and Self Service Systems Fair updated the previously announced dates and took the fair 2 weeks ahead. Instead of the previously announced 2-4 February 2023, the new dates became 12-14 January 2023. VENDEX TURKIYE Fair Coordinator Nergis Aslan stated that they made this update due to demands from the industry. Nergis Aslan[…]