We would be more than glad to host the participants of the ATRAX VENDING SHOW TURKEY EXHIBITION and provide with all kinds of support both before and during the event.

You can use the following guidance information to prepare for the event and for questions and support you can contact Tureks Fuarcilik Team via tureks@tureksfuar.com.tr e-mail address and phone number +90 212 570 6305.

You can access basic information about the event via the section titled About ATRAX VENDING SHOW.

Promotional activities of the ATRAX VENDING SHOW EXHIBITION are carried out in the form of participation at industry related national and international exhibitions as well as advertisements and news in industry-specific and general media. Because of this, information found relevant about the activities that your company will organize during the event will be shared with media as part of the general promotional activities for the event. You need to send relevant information to the e-mail address of basin@tureksfuar.com.tr

The registered exhıbıtors of the ATRAX VENDING SHOW Exhibition can enter the exhibition venue using their exhibitor batches. You can also fill in your information via the Online Registration section and get your exhibitor batches at the venue entrance.

Exhibitor companies will be given Exhibition Invitations as many as requested. Exhibition Invitations you will send to your potential and candidate customers would increase your chances of meeting these potential customers and making new business deals.

For all your service needs both before and during the event, you need to make a written application to Turks Fuarcılık or its Solution Partners. You can find all necessary forms such as the exhibitor application form, catalogue entry form, transportation request form, hostess request form, cleaning request form, and additional item request form in the Inquiry Forms section.

Information regarding how to get support for and rent additional materials required for your custom stand is available in the stand and custom stand services section.

Exhibition Catalogue will be prepared by the even administration in Turkish and English languages. In order to feature your company in the exhibition catalogue in alphabetical order and free of charge, you need to fill out the catalogue information form in the Inquiry Forms section and send the form to Tureks team. Every company will be entitled to two catalogues free of charge. If requested, companies can place their custom ads in the Exhibition Catalogue to reach their target audience.

Our Solution Partner that will provide transportation and customs services needed by the exhibitors before and after the exhibition is ERTEM NAKLİYAT. You can access detailed information about the company on our Solution Partners page.

Our solution partner that will provide accommodation services for our visitors during the event is CASALI TUR. You can access information about the company and list of recommended accommodation alternatives on our Solution Partners page.

Due to its location, Istanbul Expo Center offers numerous transportation alternatives to and from the venue. These include personal cars, subway, ferry, train and plane. Information about how to access the exhibition venue is available in the section titled accessing the venue . And in case you need transportations services, you can access information about our travel agency on the transportation and accommodation page.

Our solution partner to provide cleaning services for exhibitors is our company. To receive cleaning services, you need to fill out the cleaning request form in the Inquiry Forms section and send it to Tureks Team.

Wireless internet connection is available at the exhibition venue. Also, if requested, firms will be allotted dedicated phone lines.

Hosts and hostesses to be employed at the exhibitor stands can be obtained through our Solution Partner. To receive the service, you can fill out the host and hostess request from in the Inquiry Forms section and send it to us.

24 hour security service will be available at the venue. Fire arms will not be allowed inside the venue. If requested, private security service for your stand is available for a charge.

General insurance coverage for the exhibition venue will be provided by Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık. Insuring the stands and the exhibition items is the responsibility of respective stand owners.

You are required to inform Tureks Team in advance, about all kinds of special events you plan to organize at your own stand such as conference, panel, dinner, award ceremony, press meeting etc. All planned activities for the event will be announced in the Activity Schedule as well as in exhibition bulletins. You can also receive support for your special activities from the Turkes Team.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to advertise both on exhibition materials and on billboards around the venue. You can get detailed information from the Sponsorship and Advertising section and contact our team for a price quote.

Our solution partner to provide photo and vide services to the exhibitors at the exhibition venue. In order to receive service, you need to fill out the request form in the Inquiry Forms section and send it to the Tureks Team.

The venue features a restaurant and cafeteria both located at the foyer.

Throughout the event, an ambulance and sufficient medical personnel will be available to serve both visitors and exhibitors during medical emergencies.