VENDEX TURKEY, the First Meeting of the Vending Technologies Industry Ended with Great Interest from the Sector!

We’ve successfully completed our VENDEX TURKEY exhibition, which for the first time brought together on the same platform, the players of the vending technologies and self-service systems industry.

As Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık, we believe that trade exhibitions, despite being commercial platforms, need to emphasize social responsibility. Thus, our main goal is to contribute to the development of the vending industry in our country and to the efforts aimed at promoting local practices and projects at the international level.

We are more than happy and proud to have brought together, between 13-15 February, a large number of exhibitors representing the leading companies of the sector and to have created a powerful networking environment.

We are currently working on steps to turn our exhibition into an international event that will be welcoming exhibitors and visitors not only from Turkey but also from abroad in the coming years. We are doing comprehensive planning for this initiative, to ensure maximum benefit for all organizations and companies that will be joining the exhibition in the future.

With the support of all our exhibitors that were with us at the first exhibition, the powerful brands that accompanied us and sector professionals, we contributed to the efforts for creating a powerful sector. This sector will be growing and getting stronger gradually.

Nergis ASLAN
Tureks Uluslararası Fuarcılık General Manager

4 Days of New Commercial Connections!

By organizing VendexTurkey concurrently with the 8th Attraction-Events, Parks-Recreation Exhibition ATRAX, we aimed to create a huge business potential across sectors.

At the event, numerous commercial partnerships and agreements were signed among the exhibitors of these two exhibitions organized concurrently. VENDEX TURKEY 2020, which we positioned as an international business platform was the hub for B2B meetings for 3 days.

The Exhibition Hosted Thousands of Local and International Visitors in its First year!

The exhibition where all exhibitor booths saw great interest from the visitors was the center of attention for the professionals of the sector as well. The number of foreign visitors to the exhibition was as high as the number of local visitors.

Exhibition Statistics

Exhibitors: 180
Brands Represented:
Number of Visitors: 18.719
Turkey: 17 579
International Visitors: 1.140
Visitor Countries: 38

Satisfaction Surveys

We’d like to share with you; the results of the survey conducted to portrait exhibitor’s views and opinions about VENDEX’20 Exhibition. As a result of the survey, we are more than proud and happy to have seen that the exhibition has been viewed as a success and that exhibitors are very satisfied with the exhibition.

Satisfaction from exhibition Next year participation Expectations from exhibition
I’ll participate : 177 company
Satisfied : 179 company I won’t participate : 1 company Met the expectations : 179 company
Not Satisfied : 1 company Undecided : 2 company Did not meet the expectations : 1 company


How did you benefit from fair?
Made business connections %97 It served as a good promotional tool %96
I made connections with participant companies %62 Made agency connection %60
Others %52

Press Report

Written Press Evaluation 7 From the Written Press Reflection
6 National Publications – 1 Local Publications
Web Reflections 62 Web News
National Press Ad Equivalent 275.075 ₺
Written Press Total Circulation 125.548
Print Media Total Reach 434472
TV Evaluation 6 News Reflections 22 TV Channels
TV Advertising Equivalent 842.690 ₺
Print Media + TV Ad Equivalent 1.117.765 ₺
* Reach and advertisement equivalent measurements were calculated by Interpress.


Registrations for 2021 Exhibition has Started

Based on the survey administered to exhibitors, the exhibition has seen a satisfaction rate of 98% on the part of exhibitors and visitors. And the exhibition team has already started working on registering the brands, public organizations and service vendors for the 2021 exhibition. The exhibition, which started with positive feedback from the sector, has been completed successfully.

Don’t forget to add the next exhibition date to your planners!